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Variazioni sul bianco (2019)

for cello and piano

Duration: 10'

Commissioned by Duo Dillon - Torquati

Premiere: 11 October 2019, The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America, Columbia University, New York; Francesco Dillon cello, Emanuele Torquati piano.

Variazioni sul bianco explores the very concept of variation, giving form and body to a sonic image that reflected the features belonging to our contemporaneity, without recuperating compositional models of the past. In line with this choice, the “variations” are not then to be seen as modifications, more or less profound, of an original idea, since they themselves are an integral part of a compositional process that pervades the sonic material at a microformal and timbral level, delineating athematic arabesques and a weaving an expansive and mobile form. The result is a multiple and changing texture, that proceeds through successive ramifications: an infinite modification of the identical, which is repeated within the folds of the material, generating creases and twists out of which emerge everything and absence through fragments, emersions and voids. An unstable monochrome oriented towards white, a colour that is a metaphor for expectancy and silence, a silence that is not static, but pregnant with possibilities.

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