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To swim in the open sky (2021-2022)

for amplified bass flute and electronics

written for Alessandro Baticci

Commissioned by Alessandro Baticci, with the support of the SKE/Fonds Austro Mechana (Wien, Austria)

Premiered: 22.03.2022, Das OFF Theater, Wien

Alessandro writes about the piece:

Deeply introspective, and yet with a feeling of openness. Meditative, but eroding the sediment of an intime expression. "To swim in the open sky" investigates a new grammar of the flute, playing elegantly with phonemes, dry consonants and granulated sounds. What a feeling to tiptoe on this fragile score, feeling time that stands still and gives room to the inner resonances of the instrument. Thanks to Daniela Terranova for her curiosity and great depth of exploration.

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