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The black will swallow the red (2022)

for accordion

Duration: 10 '

written for Ghenadie Rotari

Commissioned by NU Festival Novara

Premiere: 1 October 2022 - NU Festival, Novara

The title of the score is a tribute to the essential, luminous and vibrant painting of Mark Rothko and his contemplation of a space-colour capable of evoking mystical and immaterial atmospheres by interrogating the enigma of unexplored and silent depths. The work takes the form of a study of the material essence of sound, to which the sign imparts the expressiveness of form. Like a monochromatic painting, the score is inhabited by a suspended matter around which subtle plays of accumulation and micro-variations are drawn: a sound labyrinth where silence and saturation seem to mingle incessantly evoking a distant, absent world, where everything seems to turn into a nocturnal vision.


                                    © Ghenadie Rotari

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