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for Orchestra

( – – 2 Perc.: [Tp., Vibr., Glock., Crot., Cp., Tot., 2 Tt., 2 Ps., Gc., 2 Wbl., Guiro, Claves] – Ar. – A.:

Duration: 14'

Commissioned by Orchestra della Toscana for the third edition of the festival PLAY IT!

Premiere: 27 March 2014, Florence; Orchestra della Toscana conducted by Carlo Rizzari.

The title comes from the first lines of the poem Ariel, one of the most controversial texts by Sylvia Plath.

It speaks of a mad horse race: a metaphor for life itself, whose final goal is death. “Stasis in Darkness”: a breath, followed by a lacerating wrench on the strings that opens a breach in the stillness of the night, from which we gradually break away, to build one last great surge towards the light.


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