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for string quartet

Duration: 8' 30''

Commissioned by Regia Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna

Premiere: 6 November 2017, Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna - Sala Mozart, Bologna; performed by Quartetto Prometeo.

The sound becomes “tactile” through the performance of the artists, who with their gestures modulate the outlines and nuances of a living material, urging the need for form. The different modalities of producing sound converge in emphasizing the rough and gritty aspect of a matter that is questioning itself. With the passing of time it is possible to recognize the metamorphosis of the sketched objects, observing their different states of existence, different possible epiphanies. The listening is mobile: it shifts, changing focus, to the interior of a mental space intended as a psychic dimension in which musical experience is concentrated.

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