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Interno metafisico. D'après De Chirico (2015)

for String Orchestra


Duration: 12'

Commissioned by Orchestra della Toscana for the fourth edition of the festival PLAY IT!

Premiere: 25 September 2015, Teatro Verdi, Florence; Orchestra della Toscana conducted by Luca Pfaff.

As in an evocative and enigmatic space, which recalls and at the same time pays tribute to the architecture of the artist Giorgio de Chirico, the experience of listening becomes an exploration of a metaphysical labyrinth set within a real labyrinth. Imaginary rooms, apparently closed, dialogue with the outside through windows or pictures that lead us into new spaces. Inside and outside are constantly exchanged, transforming common objects into presences of a suspended and magical world.

review by Paolo Carradori, 'Il Corriere Musicale' 

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