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Hinoki. Still Life (2018)

for baritone saxophone, accordion, double bass

Duration: 7' 30''

Commissioned by Trio Feedback 

Premiere: 10 March 2018, Fundación BBVA, Palacio del Marqués di Salamanca, Madrid; performed by Trio Feedback (Esteban Algora accordion, Ricardo Capellino saxophone, Elena García double bass).

Written for the Trio Feedback of Madrid (Esteban Algora, accordion; Ricard Capellino, saxophones; Elena Garcìa, doublebass), the work explores the intriguing nature of the sound offered by the group. The intention is to create a “pneumatic” structure: a restless sonic organism whose breaths and sighs can be heard within a changing texture that alternates between evanescent colours and concrete volumes. In the border zones, where the sound becomes confused with silence, exposing itself naked and lifeless, traces of a distant presence are heard and new phantoms take shape. The title of the work refers to the imposing sculpture of Charles Ray Hinoki (2007), kept in Chicago: a wooden reproduction, made by a Japanese craftsman, of a huge tree trunk, cut down and decomposing, that Ray found in California. It is a “living” still life, that tries to breathe through the reproduction of cracks in the trunk: a last attempt of art to halt the corruptibility of the matter.

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